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Fukumitsuya, Kanazawa’s oldest junmai (pure) sake brewery This store is managed directly by Fukumitsuya, a sake brewery founded in 1625 in Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture. Based on rice fermentation techniques cultivated over our long history and passed down through generations of artisans, we develop not only junmai sake but also cosmetics and food, sharing Japanese culture through the potential of rice and fermentation.
From sake accompaniments and tasteful gifts to sake yeast-based beauty products, we sell high-quality goods unique to a sake brewery. We also offer in-store sake tasting.


Fukumitsuya Sake Made from high-quality contract-farmed rice and ancient water from the sacred Mt. Hakusan and then fermented with various microbes, our sake brewing process is natural from start to finish and all of our sakes are junmai (pure, without added alcohol or sugar).

■ Mizuho
Mizuho uses only specially selected Yamada Nishiki, already the highest-quality contract-farmed rice. When it is squeezed out of the mash, we take the finest portion, the nakagumi , and cellar it at a low temperature to produce the very best daiginjo sake. This vintage brand, the Fukumitsuya pinnacle, has a gorgeous aroma and smooth texture.

■ Kagatobi
Named after the Kaga clan’s Edo mansion firefighters, Kagatobi is Fukumitsuya’s most popular brand. Based on the concept of stylish sophistication, it is well-balanced between sharp dryness and rich flavor. Kagatobi represents the pursuit of junmai brewing perfection and has expanded the range of tastes.

Fukumitsuya Fermented Food Brewing sake from only rice and water since its founding in 1625, Fukumitsuya has a deep relationship with fermentation. Starting with the koji mold and sake lees produced in the brewing process, we have since used our years of experience to expand into fermented foods, sweets, and other new forms and flavors. Our products, unique to a sake brewery, are now more valuable than ever in demonstrating the deliciousness and richness of fermentation.

■ Koji Amazake
Our amazake (sweet, non-alcoholic sake), made with rice from contract farmers in Japan and underground water from Mt. Hakusan, has a delicate sweetness with a very light finish. Since it does not contain alcohol, additives, preservatives, sugar, or salt, it makes a healthy and yummy treat for kids and adults.

Fukumitsuya Cosmetics The fermentation process that begins with rice and water and, with microbes, produces sake also includes many cosmetic ingredients. By developing these rice fermentation techniques, we have created a number of cosmetics and beauty supplements using FRS, fermented rice solution that contains anti-aging ingredients, and FRE, fermented rice extract. Rice and fermentation can work deep within the skin to moisturize and beautify from the inside out.

■ KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract
This is an undiluted solution extracted from FT15, the sake yeast that permeates our sake brewery. It contains a rich balance of amino acids and other cosmetic ingredients from this yeast that make skin look healthier and clearer.

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Tokyo Midtown Galleria B1, 9-7-4-D-B123 Akasaka, Minato ku, Tokyo

FROM Narita International Airport

Train: about 90 min
Airport Limousine Bus: (NARITA to The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo) about 90 min.
Car: about 90 min

FROM Tokyo International Airport

Train: about 60 min
Car: about 40 min


Toei Oedo Line Direct access from Exit 8
Hibiya Line Direct access from Exit 8 via underground passageway near Exit 4a
Chiyoda Line 3-minute walk from Exit 3 of Nogizaka Stn.

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