DMO RoppongiDMO Roppongi Business event facilities
in the Roppongi,Akasaka,
and Azabu areas.


Access to Roppongi

Getting to Roppongi

Roppongi is located in the heart of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. There are two main points of entry into Tokyo: Tokyo International Airport and Narita International Airport. Getting to Roppongi from Tokyo International Airport is particularly easy, only requiring a 60-minute trip on public transportation.
Most people traveling from Tokyo International Airport to Roppongi use either the Tokyo Monorail or the Keihin Kyuko railroad. The Tokyo Monorail route to Roppongi gives riders clear views of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and, if the sun is out, even Mt. Fuji--the ride from the airport to the city is a sightseeing trip in its own right.


Flight Time

This is a list of cities that Tokyo International Airport International Terminal offers flights.
“Flight Time” refers to the approximate duration of flights from Tokyo International Airport to their destination.

City and Airport Bound Flight Time
HONG KONG Asia-Bound 4:30
SHANGHAI Asia-Bound 3:30
BANGKOK Asia-Bound 6:30
SEOUL Asia-Bound 2:00
SINGAPORE Asia-Bound 7:00
NEW YORK US-Bound 13:30
FRANKFURT Europe-Bound 12:00
LONDON Europe-Bound 12:00
PARIS Europe-Bound 12:30
DUBAI Middle-East and Africa-Bound 10:00