DMO RoppongiDMO Roppongi Business event facilities
in the Roppongi,Akasaka,
and Azabu areas.


Why Roppongi?

Small Luxury

Town with the optimum facilities
for business events
within several hundreds meters radius
Roppongi features “Roppongi Hills” and “Tokyo Mid Town”, which represent one of Japanese leading entertainment complexes, in which high-grade convention centers are sited. Together with luxury hotels, such as “The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo” and “Grand Hyatt Tokyo”, bars, live music clubs, museums and viewing platforms are also densely populated within walking distance in the innovative town, Roppongi.
Even with a limited schedule, you will achieve the best memorable business events in Roppongi.
The Base
for Technology and Design
Roppongi is the only place you should go for technology and design events in Tokyo. There are good reasons why the area is comparable with Silicon Valley, it is preferred by innumerable hosts for technology events. Many technology-related companies including Apple and Cisco have already established their Japanese branches in Roppongi. Roppongi is the representative town for new business creation where many technology events have been held.
Besides, abundant galleries and art-related facilities, such as the National Art Centre, the Mori Art Museum, the Suntory Museum of Art, and 21_21DESIGN SIGHT, are located in this area. Roppongi displays a full of sense of art and design, and is the most selected venue for design events, as exemplified by the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Second to none
for the integration
of Japanese traditions
and different cultures
Japanese gardens and Buddhist temples are spread across Roppongi and the surrounding area, where Samurai residences were housed during the Edo period.
Along with this, there are old shopping malls retaining the same sense of spirit and customs as the Edo period. Roppongi is the only town succeeding in preservation of traditions, while rooting the cutting-edge business.
In modern times, the most fashionable people in Tokyo populate at Roppongi, regarded as one of residential areas, while untold global firms and about 60 countries’ embassies are located there. Ropponigi is a unique town with multi-cultural presence, and second to none in Tokyo.