DMO RoppongiDMO Roppongi Business event facilities
in the Roppongi,Akasaka,
and Azabu areas.


Why Roppongi?

Small Luxury

Roppongi is a compact city within which high-grade convention facilities, luxury hotels, live music clubs, art museums, and viewing platforms are concentrated.
Roppongi is a unique town. It is known as the base of Japanese technology and design, while Japanese traditions still remain in this area today.

Why Roppongi

Venues & Activities

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Create a memorable time for your guests
and support successful business events

Business events take place for various purposes. We believe each event should attract and satisfy a large number of guests, which is the main goal for any event.
DMO Roppongi provides you with a variety of support to make your guests have a quality time and memorable moments at your event in Tokyo and Roppongi.


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DMO Roppongi has positioned the Roppongi area as “Tokyo's advanced center for business events”.