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ReportActivity Case Study: Geisha, Kendo & Dash2019.08.31

Proposing activities that will interest overseas visitors

Each year, DMO Roppongi works hard to develop activities that reflect the Roppongi area. From ninja programs to Roppongi Hills disaster tours to Shinto ritual experiences, we are always adding and reviewing activities for visitors from overseas. In 2019, we arranged and offered three programs for actual visitors based on the theme of Japanese culture.

Program 1: Geisha

One form of Japanese entertainment is beautiful women wearing kimono and dancing and singing for customers. In this program, we learned what various Japanese songs and dances mean and got to try several movements with folding fans. We were also able to ask numerous questions you would normally not be able to ask of a geisha, such as: What is your daily routine? What time do you wake up in the morning? How long does your makeup take? etc.

Program 2: Kendo

Japanese martial arts are all about manners – you start with a bow and end with a bow. In this program, we learned the difference between the bamboo swords used in kendo and real swords, as well as the significance and meaning of each move. We got to hold the bamboo swords and learn how to stand and swing them, and even practice striking while shouting with gusto.

Program 3: Dashi

Dashi, or Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp, is an indispensable part of Japanese cooking. In this program, we learned how it is made and how to make udon noodles with it as well as a bit about its history. We even got to shave dried bonito flakes and, finally, eat the udon with the dashi.

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