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ReportJapan Regional Collaboration: DMO Roppongi and Ishikawa Prefecture2022.06

DMO Roppongi has collaborated with Ishikawa Prefecture to create MICE content that will enhance the stays of business event participants before, during and after your events. Join us for special programs on the SDGs, gastronomy, art and more in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, which has been recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, and Kanazawa City, where a more than 400 years of history and modern charm blend perfectly. You are sure to discover something new!

●01● FOOD CULTURE・Life Culture・Nature・SDGs

Ishikawa Prefecture's Noto region was the first in Japan to be recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) for its agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries as well as the work of its people. In order to preserve its rich landscape, the region has long been committed to sustainable regional development, including traditional farming, forestry and fisheries that have been passed down for generations. Here, you can enjoy conversing with the nature-blessed people of Noto as well as experiencing their lifestyles and food culture, which is full of seasonal ingredients.
<Location>Wajima city Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN

●02● SDGs・Traditional Culture・Life Culture ・Art

Lacquer has been used in Japan as a paint and adhesive for more than 9,000 years. In fact, the robustness and durability of vessels and tools made with Japanese lacquer are said to last for 100 to 200 years longer than that of other countries. In this session, you will experience the depth of craftsmanship of those who have preserved and passed down this high-quality Japanese lacquer.
<Location>Wajima city Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN
In our Tokyo program, you will learn the basics of lacquer, focusing on the connection with Japanese life and culture.


●03● Traditional Culture・Food Culture・Entertainment

The Noto region has nurtured its own unique culture due to its geographical isolation as a peninsula. Over 200 folk customs and events, including festivals, still occur every year, making this a sacred space where ancient traditions remain strong.
In this program, you will experience a unique party serving local cuisine at Kagaya, a wonderful Japanese inn, and the region’s traditional festival culture, taking in the power of Noto’s festivals and the energy of the locals.
<Location>Nanao city Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN

●04● Traditional Culture・Food culture・History・Art

Experience Kanazawa's history, culture and traditional gastronomy through Ishikawa Prefecture’s regional cuisine at Gyokusen-tei, a restaurant with a 400-year-old Japanese garden in the rare “Gyokukan” style. Its cuisine is enhanced by Fukumitsuya sake of Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which has also been brewed in Kanazawa for 400 years.
<Location>Kanazawa city Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN

●05● SDGs・Nature

Chirihama is the only beach in Japan that you can drive on, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze right next to the water. You can also create your own artwork from driftwood or participate in cleanup activities to protect the beautiful ocean, as Chirihama is a hub for SDG-related experiences. Or how about a cocktail party with exclusively local food ingredients while watching the sun set on the water?
<Location>Hakui city Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN

●06● SDGs・Food Culture

Ishikawa Prefecture is one of Japan's most active sake brewing regions. Among these breweries, Fukumitsuya has been making sake for 400 years. Hearing directly from the master brewer about Fukumitsuya's philosophy and vision as well as his passion for sake is sure to be a useful reference when thinking about business continuity and new businesses in modern sustainable society.
<Location>Kanazawa Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN
In our Tokyo program, you will learn the basics of sake, Fukumitsuya's history and how to drink their sake.

Each program is designed for groups of around 20 people, and is linked to content in Tokyo.
We are eager coordinate with you according to your goals and number of people, so please reach out to us!

Contact: DMO Roppongi Office

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