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Of all the different Japanese cultural experience programs around, some of the most popular offerings center on the ninja heritage. From ninja training and ninja performances to insightful seminars on the ninja spirit, Inter Spc showcases ninja culture through a wide variety of different offerings. The lineup of programs available enables participants to engage with ancient Japanese philosophy, which incorporated new ideas and cultures together into a framework that emphasized coexistence with nature, through the art of the ninja way.


Ninja Ninja performances make great surprises for parties and incentives, thrilling guests with a taste of classic Japanese action as performers in distinctive ninja clothing brandish authentic ninja weapons. Combining these exciting performances with ninja training programs and presentations on the ninja spirit, which emphasizes self-discipline, persistent training, and a strong sense of mission, helps add an effective team-building component to incentive events.

Sample offerings
・Ninja performances
・Ninja training
・Ninja drumming

Other Japanese cultural experiences include a “Japanese paper art” workshop where participants use traditional papermaking techniques to create their own unique images.


Authentic ninja training After learning about ninja history, the ninja mindset, and classic ninja implements, participants in these programs undergo basic training in a skill of their choice: throwing stars, blowguns, swordplay, or martial arts.

Basic program (2h)
Indoor/garden training
* Location: Nishitama

・Explanations of ninja implements
・Throwing stars or blowguns
・Swordplay or martial arts

Guests can also take part in the “Ninja for a Day (4h)” program, which includes outdoor training. English interpretation services are also available.

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