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ReportFirst business trip to London, Cologne and Warsaw2018.03.29

We visited London in the UK, Cologne in Germany and Warsaw in Poland in order to promote the business event hosted by the Tokyo Convention and Visitors, which took place in Tokyo from 29th January to 1st February in 2018. 38 people of 32 local companies were networked at each city. The purpose for this trip was to promote the appeal and the charm of Tokyo as a business event venue and to succeed in the networking of planners and agents.

As for the networking, DMO Roppongi staff in clothing illustrated with the Tokyo tower, a symbol of Tokyo, made a presentation and facilitated the information exchange, which had a great impact to the participants. We prepared the original Furoshiki and cranes made with Origami paper as free gifts to the guests, and also set up a tasting section for the Tokyo rice wine in the venue, which enabled them to enjoy a Japanese cultural experience.

We have highly learnt of each city’s interest in Japan. For example, London, which has more specialized agents for business events than any other European city, has greatly contributed to invite the events to Tokyo, Likewise, Cologne also has brought many events to Tokyo. Moreover, the recent growth of the market in Warsaw is significant. Amongst those cities, it is appeared that Warsaw has a greater interest in Tokyo. Therefore, we anticipate having more opportunities to support their events.

At the first business meeting in Europe, we were able to meet the meeting planners from more than 30 companies and to promote an intensive information exchange, which resulted in fruitful business. We will continue to work on the sales promotion with great enthusiasm.

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