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ReportCase study of FAM Trio – Unique Technical Tour in Roppongi, etc.-2018.03.29

DMO Roppongi host unique tour and invites customers from the North America region

DMO Roppongi held a free experience tour, FAM Trip, in January 2018 in collaboration with the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau, and nine people were invited, including meeting planners and agents who are based in the North America region. During a half day, The package tour, “Roppongi Hills Safety Tour”, “Inspection at Grand Hyatt Tokyo”, and “Visit NOGIJINJA-Shrine” were introduced respectively.

Roppongi Hills Safety Tour

Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Mid town, large-scale commercial facilities, have accommodated a great scale of disaster provisions and facilities with the aim of helping evacuees as these buildings have been designated as one of evacuation centres. DMO Roppongi helps you to obtain the program that was designed for preparation of a future disaster, in which you will learn the advanced methods created based on the idea “a building is a large town.”

Inspection at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Each country’s meeting planners visited the numerous types of the room in the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, and asked questions and exchanged their opinions in a relaxing way.

Visit NOGIJINJA-Shrine

The Nogijinja-shrine lies at a quite space in Roppongi, which is a unique place to visit amongst many busy sightseeing spots in central Tokyo. The participants appreciated the grounds of the shrine and the main shrine building surrounded with deep forest, and the adjacent banquet rooms illustrating the worldview of Japan. Each experience entailed more or less, the cultural experience of Japan and those in Roppongi, which appeared to go down well with the meeting planners, as we heard numerous voices saying “wow” throughout the tour. We will continue to make a dedicated effort to enhance the quality of our service, provision of programmes and venues.

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